This drug-free approach helps those with ADD/ADHD to control energy levels and to focus. This program is ideal for all ages.

What is ADD/ADHD?

ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, or Attention Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder are names given to a variety of characteristics which can include one or more of the following:

– Distractability

– Tendency to excessive daydreaming

– Impulsivity

– Hyperactivity

– Behavioural issues

– Difficulty making friends

– Lack of awareness, or knowledge, of time

– Difficulty understanding instructions

– Difficulty with personal organisation and/or finishing things

Yet ADD has many positive features too. ADDers are often naturally inquisitive, good multi-taskers, can be quick-witted, visionary, good lateral thinkers and/or courageous when it comes to taking risks. These characteristics can be powerful assets in many walks of life.

A Whole-Person Approach

The very name “Attention Deficit Disorder” testifies to the way in which these characteristics have become stigmatized by society. Sadly, many AD(H)D programs offer a supressive approach, seeing the condition as a disease or disorder requiring prescriptive treatment. Some advocate the use of powerful psycho-active drugs and stimulants. The risk here is that positive attributes of the AD(H)D thinking style may be eliminated or impaired along with those traits which have been deemed undesirable.

Davis® Attention Mastery

Davis® Attention Mastery is a drug-free, individual, intensive empowerment program for children and adults which honours the AD(H)D thinking style, working with it to enable a person to master areas of their lives that have hitherto caused them confusion.

It is common for AD(H)D to be accompanied by other issues such as dyslexia, poor coordination or difficulties with maths. When this is the case, the versatility of the Davis methods means that any of these can be worked on together as a range, rather than each requiring separate approaches.

Program Content

The Davis Attention Mastery program combines powerful internal self-management tools with a creative, multi-sensory and judgement-free exploration of personal issues through the medium of plasticene clay.

A typical program includes the following elements:

Davis Orientation Counselling provides the self-directed ability to switch between creative thinking and accurate perception, to control or adjust personal energy levels, and to achieve a relaxed state of focus.

Davis Concept Mastery enhances a person’s ability to see life through the “filters” of universal concepts such as change, consequence, time, sequence, order and disorder. A unique clay-based learning technique enables a person to “create” these concepts for themselves.

Other Davis techniques are employed as needed when AD(H)D is accompanied by other learning issues.

Copyright – Richard Whitehead, Davis Learning Foundation – used with permission