Becoming “unstuck” and eliminating barriers that are holding you back at: work, school, at home and in relationships, with ease and confidence, can easily be achieved. This pleasurable program will help you find relief from frustrations and challenges and will result in you reaching your personal goals. The Concepts for Life Program is under rigorous research presently. The evidence base, through clinical research, shows that this program helps to: raise intelligence, relieve anxiety, become more self aware, take appropriate responsibility and help you or your loved one move forward with personal and professional goals. Davis Concepts for Life® is a combination of Professional and Personal Development for both work and home life, which is ideal for adults, young adults and teens of all ages. It has been lovingly called an “identity building program” by those who have completed the course.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Increased self awareness
  • Less anxiety
  • Greater capacity to cope with change
  • Willingness to try new things
  • Reduction in sensory overload
  • Self management tools to assist with: stress, focus and energy levels
  • Insight into the relationship between cause and effect
  • Understanding of time, sequence and order
  • The ability to establish order in one’s environment and daily life
  • Awareness of the role that emotion plays in self-motivation
  • The ability to apply a framework to establish self-responsibility
  • Recognition of different types of relationships
  • The enhanced ability to make decisions based on what is right or wrong for self

Davis Concepts for Life®: How does it work and who will benefit from the program?

The comprehensive program is very engaging, hands-on, 3D, real world and pleasurable for participants of all ages. This is accomplished by combining the hands-on aspect of working through the Life Concepts in Plastalina Clay, in a thoughtfully engineered sequence; then, utilizing experiential, real-world explorations, which relate directly to your own life and what you have modelled.

Davis Concepts for Life® is a unique program, created for anyone who wants to:

  • Manage stress effectively
  • Reduce fear of change
  • Increase focus
  • Be more organized
  • Create more order in all aspects of life
  • Improve their relationships
  • Make better decisions
  • Take more responsibility

The concepts are effective for all ages and ideal for professional adults, young adults and teens.  They can also provide a very helpful framework for families and couples who want positive strategies and a common language for working through relationship challenges.

​What is Davis Concepts for Life®?

It is an individualized program based on Ron Davis’s work – Nurturing the Seeds of Genius.  
Davis Concept for Life® provides the opportunity for you to create meaningful, lasting change in your life. Through this creative process, you will experience noticeable change and become more calm, confident and happy.

Firstly, you are coached through a series of simple, effective tools to manage stress, control energy levels and create and maintain focus. This is a process which uses your way of thinking, so it will be easy and bring ease right away.

Following this, in short sessions, you create clay models of 40 Life Concepts, including: consequence, change, time, sequence, order and disorder – allowing you to gain control of your environment. 
You will also  explore concepts such as: emotion, want, need, motivation, and responsibility – resulting in greater control of your internal world and the enhanced ability to apply them effectively into your life.  ​These sessions are spaced out in small meetings, which can fit into your busy life, while giving you time to explore each concepts during your daily activities.

All concepts are explored and experienced in the real world to allow you to create a framework for understanding and taking positive control of situations.

Davis Concepts for Life® is a flexible program and very enjoyable.  It can be done intensively, or in small segments, with plenty of time in between, for the essential explorations in your own environment. The schedule is flexible and can be tailored to the individual, depending on needs and time requirements. The total time commitment is usually anywhere from 35-45 hours, or more, if needed. During your complimentary telephone consultation, we can talk about program options. We will find the fit for your needs.

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