The Davis® program works alongside the dyslexic’s natural learning style providing a proven method for permanent learning.  Your licensed Davis facilitator will work with you individually; programs usually take around 30 hours of one-to-one guided work.

Ron Davis, Suzanne Buchauer, Ray Davis at the Canadian Davis Symposium

An initial assessment is carried out to assess strengths, weaknesses and to establish your goals for the program.  The participant will then be guided through a program tailored to the particular needs.

The first step is to give the client strategies to become and remain focused. These are simple visual and kinesthetic exercises. Gradually, the learner becomes aware of moments of confusion as they occur and learns to focus automatically whenever it is needed.

The second step is to enable the learner to deal with those things that have triggered the confusion in the first place. This includes thoroughly mastering the alphabet, punctuation symbols and other symbols that cause confusion.

The third step in correcting a student’s dyslexia is to replace the pictures that are missing or that cause confusion.  The trigger words (the non-visual words) are mastered using plastalina clay, to create all three parts of the word: what it looks like (spelling), what it sounds like (pronunciation) and what it means (picture).

The combination of accurate perception and the elimination of confusion leads to improvements in areas such as reading, spelling, handwriting and, most importantly, self esteem and confidence.

After the initial program it is important that the client continues with the follow-up work either at home or with a trained helper.

Each day, clients should continue with the Koosh-ball exercises, the reading exercises and techniques and most importantly, the Symbol Mastery work with clay, which is the correction portion of the follow-up work.  Fortunately, this is a pleasurable experience for participants and helpers.

The following programs are available:

Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program

Davis® Math Mastery Program

Davis® Attention Mastery Program

Davis® Young Learners Program